Sunday, August 5, 2012

Patio Set Update

This week I have been rejoicing in my week off of work. I made a list last weekend of all the things I wanted to get done while I was off. I admit I didn't get to them all but I got many of my projects done. I figure I can always work an oil change in after work one day. Right?

Next up on my project list was re-painting my patio furniture. Again, this is a set that was my mom's but I inherited when it didn't fit her new place (a gazillion years ago). I think I was a high-school senior when she got this originally. That was many moons ago! When I got it, it was white, peeling and had attractive orange rust spots. I immediately painted it black. You know, like wrought iron...I was dreaming.

After a decade of sitting out on the back porch it was chipping again and the original white was showing through in places. So, it was time for a make-over.

I used sandpaper and sanded down/off the flaking paint to help reduce the chance of the new paint from chipping.

Next, i used the handy-dandy spray paint that is for plastic and did the top in a soft yellow.

I waited a day and then I masked off top and painted the chairs and the body of the table a bright orange. Now the table stands out as a sunny spot on the back deck.

Sadly, I have to admit the tape pulled up yellow paint on top where I had stuck it so it will need another coat. Can't scratch it off but the tape took it right up. Bizarre! I have temporalily disguised this with some colorful placemats I had on hand and a candle. Tricky huh?

I'm going to give it another day or so to make sure the orange paint is completely set before taping off the top again. What do you think of my sunny makeover?