Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Suck At

As you might recall, I finished reading the Fire Starter Sessions a month or two ago and every so often the author, Danielle LaPorte, posts a question on her blog to get her readers thinking. The most recent questions is "What do you suck at?".

Yes, it sounds negative, but the goal (as I see it) is to basically confess your shortcomings, stop the anxiety and dwelling, and focus on your strengths instead. So I can't do_____________ and that's okay, but I rock at ____________.

With that being said, here goes:

Follow Through: I create plans, organize ways of doing things, and begin new ideas but I rarely follow them through to completion. I don't stay focused on the goal and reap the rewards or see the amazing end product (or at least I think it would be amazing...). I can be easily side-tracked by life and the other "chores" that need to be completed first.

Living Confidently: I have no problem being myself but I hate attention. I don't want to be noticed. This holds me back from trying new things and being goofy with my family in public (who are very goofy sometimes). I sometimes miss the fun because I'm too worried about just blending into the background.

Being positive: I'm a planner. I like to be prepared for anything and that means being prepared for the worst. I don't like to be surprised and can be caught in a negative cycle. I've been working on that this year though. Trying to blog and focus on the good things in life. :-)

Confrontation: Oh my, this is a huge one. I really, really hate confrontation and conflict. Yes, conflict can be health and freeing but boy do I not enjoy going through the process. It takes a very deep breath, a mini-self lecture every time.

Paying bills on time: This is a bad one and a huge confession (and those late fees suck). Sometimes it's not because there's not money but just because I got caught up in other things and didn't prioritize it. It's not my favorite thing to do so I procrastinate.

Getting anywhere on time: I mentioned I get easily side-tracked right? And the procrastination? Need I say more?

With all that said, I do have areas of strength and having confessed my "sins" can admit that none of them are life-threatening and can focus on tackling the ones that can't be avoided and delegating those that can be. :-)