Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smile for the Camera

Soulea and Anique have been having regular sleepovers since school got out. Since my mom watches the kids the girls get to play together four days a week. After their last sleepover we had a little photo shoot. The girls had fun picking out coordinating outfits and playing super model.

They each took turns posing and being goofy. In some ways they are very similar and equally silly. The definitely each have their own personality though. I suppose that is true of all cousins.

Anique is definitely more of a ham for the camera and she loves to play, draw and use her imagination. She is happy being a kid and in no rush to grow up. Anique has a stuffed animal collection that threatens to overflow her room and has to be thinned consistently. Soulea loves to play as well but is anxious to grow up. She is probably more up to date on pop culture than I am (which doesn't take much) and is already a little boy crazy at 9 1/2.

The girls alternate between playing Sorry and playing MASH on paper. They are right on the verge of growing up. I'm trying to savor these moments and hope they don't fly by!