Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Review

Here's a little bit of what we were up to this past weekend...

A has been asking and asking to plant a "garden" forever. Now, I have to be honest here. One of my natural gifts is not growing things. Sadly, this is another thing my mother is a genius at that skipped me (my brother got that gene). Academically, I can tell you what is needed and how to do it. Practically applying these skills however is another matter.

In my attempt to be a nurturing mother (if not a nurturing gardener) we headed out to Lowe's and picked up some planters and plants. A put flowers in two big planters and we have seeds for cucumbers, peppers and lettuce that still need to be planted.
The Everett Farmer's Market opened this weekend too. I was very excited to see the regular vendors and also the new stalls that would be added. One of the new vendors this year was shaved ice...strawberry for B and rainbow for A.
B was also excited by our trip to the farmer's market. These were his picks: Fresh cilantro, garlic and onions.
He took his ingredients and chopped them up and added them to a 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs and made "breakfast" burritos for both himself and A. Here they are on whole wheat tortillas.

And finally, after dinner out by Harvey airfield where we saw numerous para-shooters land successfully (you could never convince me to do that!) we stopped for classic milkshakes at the Pilchuck Drive-in. Yum!