Monday, June 18, 2012

Quiet Time

I have been reading a phenomenal book this past week called, The Fire Starter Sessions. (More to come on that eventually, hopefully.) You'll remember I had posted a few weeks ago about needing to find a new center of inspiration and voila, there the book was. I had requested it from the library forever ago, one of those books I saw as I was flipping through the "Just In" section and thought it sounded interesting. Best find ever!!

The author, Danielle LaPorte, poses a question each week on her site to be answered and explored. You can check out her site for more about her thoughts on silence, some awesome quotes, etc. Here's my answer to the current burning question. What's yours?

This week's question was:

What's Your Relationship to Silence?

For me silence is recharging. I find that too much noise and activity drains me. Like many people, my day is filled with multi-tasking, answering emails, and IM's while on the phone and a constant influx of communication. Silence gives my mind a chance to relax, wander and process everything it has done, seen and observed throughout the day.

My favorite quiet times are in the morning when I first wake and in the evening when everyone else in the house has gone to bed. When I first wake up, I am able to plan my day, my ideas are flowing and I usually have my best ideas. Not to mention I'm well-rested and have the energy to execute my plans.

At the end of the day, I can reflect on what I've accomplished during the day, where I went off-track and re-align if needed. Ideas can be fine-tuned, writing can be completed and it's a time for reflection.