Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sapphire Happiness

I'm so, so excited about my new camera bag. I generally try not to be a materialistic person but I have to admit have been coveting the bags from Kelly Moore. Finally the time had come...it took careful consideration, dithering about which style I wanted and choosing, more dithering about whether the choice was right, waffling about which color I like best, changing my mind because I liked the color but would I like it in a year and what does it match...and finally I placed my order.

Yes, I went with the larger bag that I could probably tote a toddler in but I'm happy to finally have one bag to carry both my laptop and camera in.  Plus, for days I'm going to be taking pictures there are lots of extra pockets and space to toss in my wallet, keys, phone, etc and I'm set!

I'm in love with the sapphire blue and the adjustable dividers inside. Now I have to make the most of it and get out there and take more pictures. Since my kids are boycotting pictures currenty, I'm going to have to find fresh models!