Monday, May 21, 2012

Natural Beauty

Danielle is a natural in front of the camera. I tell you it loves her and there are just no bad pictures. It was a drizzly day (note: her hair isn't frizzing--how is that possible)but we managed to stay dry and stuck to the trees. We found this great big ol' tree at Feruson Park in Snohomish. The big, chunky bark texture was a great backdrop and her red shirt really pops out.

We were going to try for some pictures on the waterfront and the old buildings downtown but there was an event going on and no parking to be found within miles. Instead we headed to North Cove Park in Lake Stevens. This time we found a tree with overhanging branches that gave off filtered lights and she glowed like an angel. Which she is of course!

There was also the dock on the lake itself so we got some shots there too. Here are just a few from the session. Isn't she gorgeous?