Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Growing Up

My baby turned 8 years old yesterday. I can't believe how time has flown by. In so many ways she is still a little girl and I am so blessed that I have a child who is happy to be a little girl. She is in no hurry to grow up. Not that she doesn't have her moments of course.

She is a sweet child who is so honest in her emotions. You always know what she is feeling and thinking. Her moods can change in a flash. She is quick thinking and funny. What a sense of humor she has!

We get told often that she looks just like me. And while she might be a mini-me in looks she is truly her daddy's girl in temperament. She is sweet and compasssionate but she has a wee bit of a temper. Luckily, it passes quickly often and she is back to being her sweet self.

 We went out to Red Robin last night for dinner (her favorite). She always gets the grilled cheese. It's not the food she loves there though for her birthday. As she commented at the end, "I love being the center of attention."

Her favorite part is when they come sing the birthday song to her and she gets a balloon and a sundae. She was practically hopping in her seat she was so excited and her toothless grin was so big!!

Here's a look through the years...