Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Country Day

We took some time to visit The Country Village in Bothell this weekend. It had been quite some time since the last time we visited. There are lots of quaint little shops there to wander through. I could have spent much longer in the stores looking at all the treasures. Unfortunately, window shopping is not high on the the rest of the family's fun list! I did find a sign that I loved and as soon as I can figure out where I would hang it, I may go back for it. I am always drawn to lettered signs. It's a weakness!

The kids thought the chickens wandering free were pretty cool. I had to remind A not to get too close to the ducks. They are so used to people they don't run away but I didn't want to risk any bites.

The kids took a trip around the village on a train and then enjoyed some time on the playground. It's always heartwarming to see my 13-year old son still able to relax and play. 

 Ahoy! Land Ho!

 Ready the cannons!

K waiting for the train to return our children.