Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Great Escape

Those who know me or who have followed for awhile know I have a tendency for odd situations. I'm not sure if I'm just oblivious or just playing by the wrong set of rules. Maybe both.

Bailey has had soccer games the past two weekends that are annoyingly far away. This past Sunday we woke up early and drive almost 2 hours down to Tacoma. The game was being held at a middle school. I happened to be behind another team parent as we drove in. We circled the first small lot. No parking. Headed through the second larger lot. He headed out and decided to park his smaller car on the narrow street closer to the field. I found a spot in the lot for my bigger car. Bailey headed out to warm up while I spent 45 minutes in my car editing pictures. 

Game time came and I locked up and headed to the field. I noticed there was a church session going on inside as I went by. 

After the game (crushing loss) I headed back out to the lot. I walked past the smaller lot which still had some cars in it. Headed to the bigger lot and I was the only car left. AND all 4 gates to the lot had been closed and padlocked!  I was stuck! 

I was irritated, slighty panicky, may have said an inappropriate word or two (apologized to Bailey for my language). I looked at the curb, Bailey told me I wouldn't make it over because it angled up on the other side. Oh crap. We did a little look around, made sure there were no observers and I drove my car alongside the pedestrian path, over the sidewalk, off the curb and escaped the lot! 

I hope you have the sufficiently humorous visual now. My lesson: don't let anything hold you back. Sometimes you have to break the rules to get free. (This is not an endorsement to break laws!)

Have a great day!