Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pallet Project 1 & Self Portrait #3


A couple of weeks ago I picked up some pallets from a local farmer who had listed them on Craigslist. Yes, I paid a couple of dollars each for them because it was worth it to not drive to South Seattle where they were free. Ken questioned why I wanted them, but he's a good husband and accompanied me there and helped get them loaded in my car regardless.

I headed home with grand visions of art and furniture. I was so excited to see it all come together. 

It turns out the coming apart is harder than the going together. 

I pulled out a hammer but couldn't get the wood off. Switched to a pry bar but nope it was attached securely. I conceded the battle, batted my eyelashes at Ken. He said he would do it over the weekend. 

So, on Tuesday (Monday being a cleaning day) I decided to take on the pallets again. This time I used a bigger hammer (I was feeling aggressive) and a large rubber mallet and added some music because a soundtrack makes it all work. I banged and pried in the hot sun. Anique lowered me a cold Coke down from the top deck on her bucket on a string. 

I banged and pried some more, smooshed a few fingers. Finally, I had 9 pieces of wood off. This was about 2 pallets. I found the wood was very dry and prone to splitting. Nothing like having an entire board break in half after trying to work it loose for 10 minutes. 

I decided mix the pallet wood with some new wood to give the table strength.  Okay, really I didn't want to take apart another pallet. 
I used 2x2 remnants I had left to create a 3 sided frame. Next I nailed two of the wider boards across the frame to create a top. 

I used done remnant 1x4 to make another 3 sided frame. Then I cut some rougher 1x4 to size and screwed that together to create a shelf.
Next I adhered three of the narrower pallet pieces to each side create legs. I finished it off with facing board made from a wide pallet board.

I wanted it to look kind of weathered and faded so I sprayed it with a light coat of white spray paint. 

I was reminded that while my 4 years of drafting assist me in creating plans, they do not replace or make up for the absolute lack of hands-on mechanical skill. 

I had to adjust on of the legs today because it was longer and causing the whole thing to wobble. What do you think? Much better than the triangle table had was using. 

And here is my third self-photo from yesterday.  I'm on a roll now!