Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yarn Balls and the Entryway

I felt much more productive on my first day of my new beginning. That sounds better than unemployment right? Yesterday, I maintained what I had cleaned the day before (health right?) but didn't make it much further in my mission to transform the house into a glistening palace of ...something. Not sure where I was going there.

However, I did work on the entry way a bit (creativity). This is definitely a work in process. I hung up my dry erase calendar (brought home from my desk at work) and hung up the window frame as well. I chose to hang the little paintings inside the panes so they would add some color to wall.

I brought some of my bottle collection down and used them as well. Now I have to say, I'm not a fan of the duck/chick but Anique is convinced that is the best place for it. Until I can come up with a convincing alternative, it stays.

My friend Daysha gave me the glass sea ball when we first moved in almost 12 years ago. It has moved from location to location but never had a good home. So, I decided maybe it would benefit from some other ball friends.

Anique and I broke out the Elmers glue, which we watered down just a bit in a bowl. I blew up some balloons and Anique made sure the yard and twine ran through the glue mixture while i wrapped the balloons. It was quite messy.

Here's what I learned: Hemp string works best by far. It is much firmer and held its shape the best. If you pop the balloon before it is COMPLETELY dry, the ball deflates with the balloon. As you can see, from my awesome white dome.

I need to find a basket or bowl for them but doesn't that glass ball look happier now that it has friends?