Friday, May 10, 2013


I don't know if you are familiar with The Vintage Pearl or not, but you should be. They design and produce the most charming hand-crafted silver jewelery. I have been blog-stalking them for over a year now. Lots of reading but only sporadic comments on my part.

At the beginning of this month, they decided they were going to bless as many mothers as they could get to before Mother's Day. They asked that any nominations be emailed in to them. No guarantees but they would do their best.

Of course, I nominated my mom who despite suffering with some major health issues of her own has been helping to care for my grandma (her mom). My grandma had a rough first three months of the year. She was admitted to the hospital on three separate occasions for three completely different things. My mom spent hours at the hospital and continues to monitor her recovery, she took over all of the household responsibilities and still managed to babysit for the grandkids too. She's amazing!

She was chosen as one of the recipients and received her beautiful necklacewith the names of her grandchildren in the mail yesterday. She was so happy with it and emotional too.

Thank you to the ladies at The Vintage Pearl for sharing your incredible gift and demonstrating your open hearts!