Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day. This year Anique told me she wanted to make her own valentine cards. She really wanted to make pop up cards for her classmates. She told me she had learned it at school on one of their Fun Friday's (now known as Student Success Sessions).
So, I wanted this to be really easy and quick so we could get all the cards done in time. I took some pre-folded, blank cards out of my stock and cut them so we got two small cards out of each one.
Using a heart punch, I punched out 28 hearts from various papers. Then I would cut the two slits (perpendicular to the fold) into the card. Then Anique would pop the fold through the card to the inside and using Photo Splits, adhere the heart to the stand.
No messy glue. We completed all the cards in under 30 minutes. Not bad for a handmade card. Anique added her classmates names and wrote one nice thing for each of them after school and everything was done on time!
I decided a treat was in order for Valentine's Day. Inspired by the covered marshmallow pops on this blog, I tried to make my own. The lollipop sticks and marshmallows came from Target. Simply push the stick into the bottom of the marshmallow. I really like how Jessica covered hers with white chocolate, they still look soft and delicate. I tried white chocolate but burned it. It just wouldn't met for me. So I grabbed the semi-sweet bakers chocolate I had on hand instead and melted it.
I dipped the fronts in the chocolate and then sprinkled them with sparkling sugar. I had the sugar in red and rainbow. I would have like to have actual sprinkles but I'm out. I don't really bake very much so my pantry is full of spices and cooking stuff but pretty weak in the baking area.
I let mine cool overnight and then put them in cellophane bags which I tied closed with ribbon. They were quite yummy (taste test is mandatory before handing them out right?
I was really happy with how they came out. They may not have been as pretty as the inspiration pops but they were still pretty and so easy to make. At least, once I got the chocolate situation under control.