Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pike Place Market

Last weekend Ken, Anique and I took a "field trip" to Pike Place Market. I hadn't been down there in years. It was fun to see how much was the same and how much was different.
The candy store was closed which was disappointing. I was really looking forward to some salt water taffy. However, there were lots of things of really cool things to look at.
Pike Place Market is a farmer's market so there is a huge variety of foods sold as well as many, many local handcrafted goods. It was cheerful to see fresh flowers on a gray cloudy day.
There were book stores that carried vintage and new books.  A store that carried vintage magazines, vintage posters, and any other media made of paper. I've totally decided I need a few vintage travel posters framed for the downstairs. Of course they will need to be for beach locations.
Ken was eyeing the airbrushed hats. He liked the funky art and the depictions from some of his favorite shows and characters.
The umbrella store was passed on our way back to the parking lot our car was in but I couldn't resist the colorful display. Even though, umbrellas are seldom used by native Seattlites. Okay, maybe that's an exageration but honestly they have a tendency to turn inside out.
We followed our sightseeing with a trip to Applebee's. Yum!