Friday, February 22, 2013

Costa Maya

Costa Maya was our final stop on the cruise. Costa Maya is the home of the Mayan ruins, so it was a nice coincidence that we were there on December 21 (a.k.a. the end of the world). Since the world wasn't ending we took a walk looking for town. Then having come to a T in the road after a couple of miles and not knowing which way to turn, we walked back.  
We arranged to rent a golf cart type vehicle to drive into town. It turns out we were only about a mile outside town. The golf card was very noisy and just after we turned off the main road and started coming up on the town, it b egan to smoke and make even louder noices.
We were so fortunate that the owner of the bar/restaurant (Tequila Beach) was helpful. It was refreshing because he did some translating for us with the local drivers and made us feel welcome. He brought out Kayaks for the kids (and Ken) to play in the water with, served us fresh chips, guacamole and drinks. The beach was quiet and the kids enjoyed splashing about in the water.
He opened the gate so I could take some beach shots from the private pier. Honestly, it was fabulous. A true day at the beach. He charged us less than $20 for hanging out on his private beach and the food/drinks, etc. I doubled it and still feel like he deserved more.
If you ever find yourself in Costa Maya, stop by the Tequila Beach for a relaxing day and fantastic service and conversation.
The crab below was Ken's new friend. He was digging his feet around in the sand while we talked and felt something. He looked down and it was sitting on his foot. Wow did her scream and jump us so fast! It was honestly hilarious.
Here's some of the scenery we saw in Costa Maya as well as some of the characters on our final night. The last picture is us with out waitstaff. Best guys ever!
These pictures make me want to go back the beach for another trip!