Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soccer Mom

This is pretty much how I spent my entire summer and fall. It's soccer season which means practice two to three nights a week and games on the weekend. This year Bailey has also been refereeing, which means another three to four games each weekend to get him too.
We were blessed with a beautiful summer and fall. It's really only recently gotten cold and wet. Seattle? Wet? Say it's not true! Games this season have taken us to new fields and we've made new friends on this new team.
He's worked really hard this year and I'm so proud of him for taking on refereeing this year. It's a difficult thing to make calls with parents, coaches and players who are so invested. He did a great job this season and conducted himself very maturely.
I'm so glad the rec season has ended. I'm proud of him and his willingness to get up so early to referee but where he goes, I drive. He has a couple more games this season before his team is done but those are more enjoyable.
I hope your fall was just as exciting, or more so!