Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Urban Field Trip

With Bailey having really settled into his teen years, he is often hanging out with friends and away from the house. Anique loves "adventures" but doesn't have the opportunity often.

She had really begging Ken to take her on a trip on a bus, one of the "bendy" ones. We looked for a good bus route but just to make it from our town to the next was a couple of hours and a bus change through the biggest city in the opposite direction.

So, instead we headed to downtown Seattle to take a ride on the monorail. It's a short trip from Seattle center to the Westlake Mall but something out of the norm. Anique was very excited about the day and kept telling us she would never forget it and it was the best day ever. Obviously, we don't take her out enough.

We walked through the mall and across the street a little just to peek and see what what going on. I had totally forgotten about the blue trees. I had wanted to see them when I heard about them earlier this year during a photo class I was participating in. They were done by an Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos to bring awareness about deforestation. You can read more about the project here.

Anique was loving the pigeons and took some video of them walking around which she declared her best movie yet.

We hopped back on the monorail after a quick stop into the Pro Shop where Ken checked out the new Seahawks gear. Back at Seattle Center we ate some lunch, picked up some Seattle Fudge (a must!) and Anique got an ice cream cone for dessert.

It was a fun day and a nice opportunity for dedicated time spent with the chatter baby of the family. She's quite the entertainer and talker. She filled us in on everything!

Ken really hates having his picture taken yet that doesn't stop me. Probably not very polite of me, but he handles it well up to a point.
A messy eater!
Payback for the pictures. My camera was hi-jacked. This is my "okay, that's enough now" face.
Someday I really want to go in and explore the Chihuly Gardens. I have a deep admiration for blown glass and his works and the scale of them are awe inspiring.
And of course, you can't help but check out the EMP (Experience Music Project) building. It's a music museum with interactive exhibits. Ken and the kids have gone and enjoyed it before. The building is definitely unique. This is just one side. I didn't capture the other sides.