Tuesday, May 22, 2012

By the River

As promised, here are the photos from A and my day out. She was such a good sport and we walked along the riverfront trail and tried out a few locations and backdrops.

She experimented with a few different poses. I just let her do her thing and didn't do any dress-up. We kept it very simple. I didn't put them all up here, but there was the thinking pose, the diva one hand reaching for the sky pose, her "what's up" pose, and more. She is quite goofy when she's in the mood to play.

Fortunately, she's not at all uncomfortable being her natural silly self in public so she doesn't mind posing for pictures on a public trail. After all this girl is known to dance spontaneously in the grocery store aisles if she likes the song that is playing. The only thing she's self concious about right now is her missing teeth. I think it's a great memory!