Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Crafty

I have been exploring Pinterest which  means fun crafts for the kids. These crafts projects come and go in spurts depending on the new sites I find.

So this week they got two projects because they were both quick and easy. Project 1:  a classic twist on baking soda and vinegar. A little food coloring added to the white vinegar and we had bright bursts of fizzy color with every drop. Eventually, the kids wanted more "splash" and dumped whole cups of vinegar into the trays.

Project 2: Purple Slime

Only three ingredients were needed for this slimey project. Elmers glue, water and borax. We added blue and red food coloring ot make it purple because of course that is A's favorite color.

There was lots of sqeaking and oohing while she mixed the gooey stuff up. She proudly toted her slime next door to show it off once it firmed up. When her big bro got home she made sure to show him. Unfortunately she didn't close the bag all the way and K and I discovered a slime waterfall off the counter top that evening. Eeeww!!

Luckily, it all sticks together and comes right up. We just scooped it up and put it back in the bag.

With two crafts in one week, I'm not sure how I'll out do this next week!