Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's in the Details

Today I was able to finish out all the details in A's room. Thank goodness I have a husband with strong arms who could drive in the final screws for the curtains. I will admit it was touch and go for a short while when I couldn't get them up by myself. Obviously, I am way overdue for the gym when I can't install a curtain rod.

His long arms and electrical skills were a life-saver too installing the bird-cage light. Sadly, I often know exactly what want but need his help for execution of the plan. Poor man.

Here is the light when it went up and what it looks like lit up at night.

The final words were painted and put up as well today and K helped to hang the painting over the bookshelf.

Here are all the views of the room. I'm so glad it's done and just in time for A's birthday on Monday. The futon for under her bed will arrive on Monday as well and will be the final piece of the puzzle.

I wonder how long it will stay clean. :-)