Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Toddler to Teen

We moved into our house over 10 years ago. B's room was the first to be decorated. We painted it a bright primary green and it received a great half-wall mural wallpaper treatment with a simple cityscape scene on it. Complete with a coordinating lightswitch plate I found happened to come across. It was the perfect room for an active toddler, young boy.

B is 13 years old now. The wallpaper came down a few years ago (Really Mom?) but the bright green paint remained complete with the odd fleck of wallpaper remnant. The toddler bed was replaced at one point with a wooden trundle bed a co-worker passed along. An antique desk was added. A makeover was overdue.

We picked a neutral gray for three of the walls and painted one wall turquoise. I also painted stripes of varying widths on another wall. These were turquoise and red. Red is his favorite color.

The cityscape theme was replaced with more teen focused artwork like guitars and skateboards. I found this painting at Bed, Bath & Beyond around Christmas time. It had lots of colors so it was a great match.

I've had these metal letters for years but had never hung them up. It took a couple of tries to get the right strength adhesive to keep them up. Stick with the oldfashioned double-sided foam adhesive! (no pun intended)

A loft bed replaced the bulky trundle bed and gave him lots of floor space. His room is much more open now. I also painted his bookshelf red (was white) to coordinate with the new colors.

And lastly, we needed some shelves for all of the trophies from soccer over the years. I purchased the skateboard decks on ebay without wheels and just attached them using L-brackets and anchors.

Voila! A happy teen boy and a completely new look!