Friday, March 27, 2015

New Painting

As the wall colors change in the house, it has become very apparent that the art work needs an update too. First, there was a new painting for the entry way. The old paintings were re-located to the downstairs hallway.

The painting that originally hung in the dining area has been moved to our bedroom for the time being. Its colors were a bit too warm and beachy for the newly painted space.

I hosted a Craft Night again last weekend and worked on a new painting as my craft. Hopefully next time, I'll remember to take a couple of pictures. It's pretty awesome to have a room full of girls and women who are just chatting and working on crafts of all kinds.

Our house has a pretty open layout upstairs with the kitchen, dining area and living room all in one open space. I wanted something casual but inspiring. And something that would flow with the new brighter colors.

It's where the kids get ready each morning before school, you can see it from the living room where we hang out at night. And lately, I've been working at the kitchen table because it's sooooo cold downstairs.

Monday, March 23, 2015

LOVE this Family

I am honored and flattered to have had the opportunity to photograph this family for the past year or so. They have grown from 4 to 5 during this time. It is so wonderful to witness a marriage that is strong, one which is founded on the love between the parents. Three beautiful busy boys and one big cute (but somewhat frisky) dog.

This mama glows with love for her boys.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easter Preparations

Several months ago Anique, Ellie and Soulea helped make several papier "eggs". 

Okay, I'll admit it, you caught me, I wasn't being super organized and ahead of schedule. They were supposed to be made into a garland of large ornaments for Christmas time. By the time they had dried I was onto other projects and they sat neglected in my office. 

We used balloons for the shape and covered them using white copy paper and mixture of flour and water for the paste mixture. 

The girls took advantage of the relatively nice weather and took their painting project outside. The each chose a few pastel colors and voila! the intended ornaments became Easter eggs. Now I just need to assemble my backdrop and it's time for Easter pictures.

I love these two girls. Despite the age difference, they work well together and will chat up a storm while they work. Ellie is super sweet and patient with Anique. 

Bailey and Lily hung outside with them for a little bit too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birthday on the Town

Ken took the day off for his birthday. I played hookie as well and we spent the day just puttering around. Running a couple of errands and just hanging out in general.  The weather looked a little spotty but it stayed dry for most of the day. There were a few sprinkles as evidenced by Ken's hood above. Check out that glowing smile. Really, he was having fun. He just has something against smiling in pictures. 

We hit Starbucks to start and then headed downtown. We explored Pike Place Market for a little while. There's a cute neighborhood public garden in the midst of the market. Then we headed down to the pier. Admired the scenery and the Ferris Wheel before walking down the sidewalk in search of a spot for lunch.

After a good lunch we headed home to just hangout and celebrated with the kids.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Entry Way Update

I've been contemplating updating and changing our house decorating "style" for awhile now. I've sketched out ideas, Browsed blogs, Pinterest and magazines. I finally decided to just go for it. I've always loved bold colors but had decorated with more of a calming beach colors decor. I couldn't help it! Have you ever looked through the Coastal Living Color issue? I was inspired. 

Here is the entry way before:

As you can see, I originally added a few pieces to dress it up some but I wasn't completely satisfied.

And now for the NEW AND IMPROVED entry way. At least, I think so. Your opinion is your own of course. 

I had added the Pinterest inspired light quite awhile ago but it just blended into the background since everything was so light. It really stands out now.

The tall background and door were painted Really Red (Valspar) with some random Bistro White (Valspar) lines on it. The remaining walls have also been painted white.

I'm thinking about painting this cabinet black. What do you think? 

New paper for the calendar background. Can't go wrong with glitter paper!

The photos on the upper and lower walls haven't changed but I'm thinking about swapping them out for some black and white prints instead.

 I painted a new painting to better tie in with the new colors. I saw one like it at Hobby Lobby but wanted a different paint style (there's looked like a heavy acrylic or oil). I'm currently loving umbrellas. Despite the rain we get here, I don't really every use one though. Just a sidenote...

 We are in a split-level house so when you enter you can go up or downstairs. The main living areas and bedrooms are upstairs but you can look down at the downstairs hallway. It's not officially part of the entry way but I wanted to update it since it is visible.

This hallway is really quite narrow and has 5 doors. I had tried hanging up a kids artwork display and had planned to rehang it after adding color but both kids vetoed that idea. Apparently there were not a fan of my previous installment.

I used some paint I had on hand to paint the lower half of the wall yellow. Another side-note: When we moved in 12 years ago, that was the color I had painted the entry way. It was ALOT of yellow for that small space. Now you know why I quickly jumped to pastels.

I used a re-positional vinyl wall-covering I found at Target to cover the top half of the wall. It was reasonable easy to apply, although it would have been much easier with a helper. The black line dividing the two's electrical tape. It was the perfect width, inexpensive and pretty similar to the texture of the wall covering.

The art work was from the entry way prior to the update. I painted those when we moved in. Nothing fancy but it added some color.

Sorry for the oddly angled photos. It's hard to get a good shot of a narrow hall.

I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. It feels so much cleaner and the bright colors give me energy. Now onto the rest of the house!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Robinhood & the Sherwood Hoodies - Photos

I won't even tell you how many blog posts I have saved in draft form just waiting for final pictures or edits. But I have been remiss in finishing any of them up. One thing or another has cropped up and there they sit. Some becoming irrelevant, others just waiting for their chance to be shared.

Since, I'm still terribly behind on taking and editing pictures of my own, I thought I would share some pictures taken by Christopher Fotos. ( I can't find a website to link for credit anywhere but did purchase rights for the photos.)

Anique tried a two week drama camp last summer and loved it. When auditions came up for the year-long program she was ready to go for it. She was cast in the role of Ghengis in the studios production of Robinhood and the Sherwood Hoodies. As you can tell from the name, it's a farce of the standard Robinhood. And it's a musical.

Ghengis is one of the king's cronies. He's also in charge of the dungeon. He has a strange obsession with the king and can often be seen petting him when he's not away torturing someone.

The full show will be performed in May. They have a few small performaces before then and it's been fun seeing it all come together.