Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Baby

I don't get baby fever very often anymore. With a 15 year old and a 9 year old, focus has shifted to school, sports and friends. It's a whole new stage.
However, there is something about a 2 week old baby. The simple needs, soft skin, and sweet innocence that brings the baby craving out.
This sweet girl has two big brothers to look out for her.



Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's Get Studious

I've showed pictures of my office space before. You know it's not a pretty space. It won't be getting "pinned" any time soon. Unless it's on a what to avoid board.

Ken and I have been discussing doing an overhaul on how we use our downstairs space. It started off with us joking and then the ideas started flowing. Our house is a split-level and the bedrooms, kitchen, living room are all upstairs. Honestly we hardly ever go downstairs unless we're doing laundry (read digging through the dryer for clean pants). 

My office is downstairs and tends to collect clutter. Not sure where something should go.  "Put it in your mom's office" is a regular refrain.

The playroom also underwent some re-organizing last summer. Anique occasionally goes down if she has her cousin over, but it's mostly lonely and unused as well.

Playroom Before

With all that said, we are looking into converting the playroom space into a larger office/studio space for me and Ken would like to use the the smaller room as a "man cave". 

Right now I'm stocking up on inspiration on Pinterest

If the TV moves downstairs that opens up some design opportunities for the living room too. Maybe making it a cozy reading area? Hmmm...I love a good re-decorating project. On a budget, of course. 

Do you have any inspiration to share for a studio/office space?

Friday, December 6, 2013

It's All About the Hamster

Anique really, really wants a hamster. Like really, really, really wants one.

It started off with her normal asking for one. Assurances that she would take care of it. Then the Ipad came out. She started reading articles about hamsters, then came videos about hamster care, checking school books out about hamsters...

Yesterday, after school she locked herself in her bedroom all afternoon and night while she worked on her "thing". Came out briefly for dinner and went back in. Couldn't even lure her out with Home Alone.

Finally just before 9pm she emerged with her project.

She presented the board. In a calm, completely professional way she told me all about the different types of hamsters, the best ones for children, the pros and cons of owning a hamster, what they need to be comfortable and taken care of, the best product brands for hamster toys, why hamsters need a wheel, etc....No begging or pleading just a sweet presentation of the facts.

If this was a school project, I totally would have given her an "A+". 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sing Me a Song, My Love...

I had so much fun with this couple. J had lots of ideas for props and was really focused on showing getting their love story on film.G plays and signs for her often so the guitar was a must.
They were super easy to photograph and so at ease being themselves. A dream come true!
I heard fun stories from their first dates, learned a bit about them as a couple and individuals and, of course, we took lots of pictures. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Leaving the Nest

There's always something a little bittersweet about doing senior portraits. It's an exciting time. So many changes and plans to be excited for. A fresh new future just waiting to be explored. But the mom in me sympathizes with the realization that the child is becoming an adult and they are moving on. Not leaving you behind, because you know they'll come back for food and laundry, but exploring the boundaries and opportunities they choose.

Z. is blessed with an older sister who has helped to forge the path. He wants to study Physics (Wow!). I was so impressed with his confidence and ability with just being himself. He was relaxed, friendly and polite. It was wonderful to see the relationship between him and his mom. I'm sure there are big things waiting ahead for him.