Monday, July 30, 2012

Kla Ha Ya Days

Last weekend was Kla Ha Ya Days in Snohomish. I took Anique, Bailey and his girlfriend, Ellie to the fair so they could go on rides. Bailey and Ellie tried almost everything. Anique was solo since they were paired up.

She immediately made friends with the little girl in line before her and they proceeded to hit several rides. I don't think she ever got her name but they paired up and became ride buddies.

What I Suck At

As you might recall, I finished reading the Fire Starter Sessions a month or two ago and every so often the author, Danielle LaPorte, posts a question on her blog to get her readers thinking. The most recent questions is "What do you suck at?".

Yes, it sounds negative, but the goal (as I see it) is to basically confess your shortcomings, stop the anxiety and dwelling, and focus on your strengths instead. So I can't do_____________ and that's okay, but I rock at ____________.

With that being said, here goes:

Follow Through: I create plans, organize ways of doing things, and begin new ideas but I rarely follow them through to completion. I don't stay focused on the goal and reap the rewards or see the amazing end product (or at least I think it would be amazing...). I can be easily side-tracked by life and the other "chores" that need to be completed first.

Living Confidently: I have no problem being myself but I hate attention. I don't want to be noticed. This holds me back from trying new things and being goofy with my family in public (who are very goofy sometimes). I sometimes miss the fun because I'm too worried about just blending into the background.

Being positive: I'm a planner. I like to be prepared for anything and that means being prepared for the worst. I don't like to be surprised and can be caught in a negative cycle. I've been working on that this year though. Trying to blog and focus on the good things in life. :-)

Confrontation: Oh my, this is a huge one. I really, really hate confrontation and conflict. Yes, conflict can be health and freeing but boy do I not enjoy going through the process. It takes a very deep breath, a mini-self lecture every time.

Paying bills on time: This is a bad one and a huge confession (and those late fees suck). Sometimes it's not because there's not money but just because I got caught up in other things and didn't prioritize it. It's not my favorite thing to do so I procrastinate.

Getting anywhere on time: I mentioned I get easily side-tracked right? And the procrastination? Need I say more?

With all that said, I do have areas of strength and having confessed my "sins" can admit that none of them are life-threatening and can focus on tackling the ones that can't be avoided and delegating those that can be. :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farmer's Market

We headed out to the farmer's market again last Sunday. There was a new stand there. Anique and my mom both had feathers put in their hair. Anique's favorite color right now is purple so of course, that's what color hers was. My mom went with a more subtle pale pink and brown striped feather.

We picked up some more goat cheese gouda and honey sticks as well as some beautiful fresh flowers. I brought a bundle of flowers to my grandma. I knew she would love them and she did!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day at the Fair

Saturday we went to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds and spent several hours playing on the rides. Anique tried out the Walk on Water ride. She climbed into a big plastic bubble ball and tried walking in it while it floated in a large pool of water. Very entertaining! For her and us as we watched!

She also rode the sizzler twice. Once with Ken and I and then again with JonJoe. She and her dad also took a trip down the giant slide. Anique and I took a trip on the carousel and she tested her driving skills on the go-carts.

It was a good afternoon and everyone came home ready for some rest after such an exciting day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Smile for the Camera

Soulea and Anique have been having regular sleepovers since school got out. Since my mom watches the kids the girls get to play together four days a week. After their last sleepover we had a little photo shoot. The girls had fun picking out coordinating outfits and playing super model.

They each took turns posing and being goofy. In some ways they are very similar and equally silly. The definitely each have their own personality though. I suppose that is true of all cousins.

Anique is definitely more of a ham for the camera and she loves to play, draw and use her imagination. She is happy being a kid and in no rush to grow up. Anique has a stuffed animal collection that threatens to overflow her room and has to be thinned consistently. Soulea loves to play as well but is anxious to grow up. She is probably more up to date on pop culture than I am (which doesn't take much) and is already a little boy crazy at 9 1/2.

The girls alternate between playing Sorry and playing MASH on paper. They are right on the verge of growing up. I'm trying to savor these moments and hope they don't fly by! 



Friday, July 13, 2012

Office Update

Well it's not perfect but my office has come a long way. I rearranged the furniture and organized some of the clutter. As you can see, my "office" is in an unfinished bedroom. Years and years ago we finished putting up the drywall but it's been at a standstill since then. I dream of finished walls and a real floor.

I've managed to finish a couple of pieces since I can now walk in and there is a clear surface on my desk. I may not have found my center yet, but I'm much closer and feeling much more at peace with my working enviroment.

Here's what it looks like now and a couple of close-ups of what's on my walls.

This corner is still pretty cluttered. It's all stacked neatly but there's still too much stuff!